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Close To God

How close to God are you? The prophet Daniel had an amazing life. He was close to God. no wonder, God shared a lots of secrets with him. Secrets concerning the parousia and visions of the future. Secrets about kingdoms and visions of mankind. Interpretations of dreams and inscriptions . A man who was prayerful and powerful. God made known to him His plans for the future.

The Lord reveals His plan to those who trust in him. The story of Daniel is a story of a man who was confident, consistent in his faith and trust in God. If we live close to God and we remain consistent, God will teach us the secrets and path to life. It’s got to be a wonderful experience!

Jesus says, I bless you Father Lord of Heaven and earth for having revealed this things not to the intelligent but the little ones. Matt.11:25. If we humble ourselves, pray always and obey God, He will carry us through life’s journey.

It is Christ who tells us in his words today as always; Heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away. Jesus is telling us that He is the Word of God-Dei Verbum. The word of life. The world incarnate. The blessing long foretold and the gift of the Father to mankind and the universe. He gave His words to Daniel and reveals Himself to us in His word, in the Sacraments, in the Church and in our neighbor. May the name of the Lord be praised and highly exalted both now and forever. Amen.

Draw nearer to God and God will draw nearer to you. James 4:8. Call to Me and I will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3.

May we continue to gladdens God’s heart and serve Him all our days. Live well and God bless!


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