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Kabul Airport Explosion: Many Dead, Scores Wounded Incuding American Soldiers

Kabul Airport Explosion: Many Dead, Scores Wounded Incuding American Soldiers

US officials and journalists confirmed that an explosion took place Thursday in the vicinity of the Afghan capital, Kabul, in conjunction with the continuation of the evacuations there.

The Pentagon said today, Thursday, that at least two explosions occurred near the airport of the Afghan capital, Kabul, during massive and chaotic evacuations, killing and wounding, including American soldiers and civilians, in what was described as a “complex attack.”

The explosion occurred near Abyei Gate, one of the airport access gates, and the other near the Baron Hotel, 200 meters away, according to the Pentagon.

According to preliminary data, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the main gate of the airport, with reports that shooting was heard in the area after the explosion.

A Pentagon spokesman said: “We can confirm that the Kabul airport explosion caused a number of American and civilian casualties.”

According to initial media reports, two people were killed, and at least 15 were wounded in the explosion but the number of dead and casualties have increased. At least 13, including children, and wounding many Taliban guards.

A source familiar with the briefings in the US Congress on the situation in Afghanistan said Thursday that US officials have a strong belief that ISIS-K, which is against both the United States and the Taliban, is responsible for carrying out Thursday’s attack at the airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

A surgical hospital run by an Italian charity said it had received about 60 patients who were undergoing treatment while 6 died on the way to the hospital.

Recall that earlier today, the United States and its allies warned of a threat from ISIS and urged Afghans and their citizens to leave the area even as evacuation is still ongoing.

Wall Street Journal and Fox said that four Marines were killed. They are the first US soldiers to be killed in Afghanistan since February 2020.

Our prayers and solidarity are with the people who have been hurt during the Kabul airport bombings. It’s really a tough time.

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