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Monday Motivation – Choose Happy

Monday Motivation – Choose Happy

Monday Motivation – Choose Happy

It is a new week and with great new possibilities too. God wants you to set yourself up for some celebration this week. Be intentional about being happy and boisterous with joy. Be determined that no matter what you see or how you feel, you just want to be happy this week. So, set aside every weight, burden or load of care and the worries and anxieties that come with them.

Monday Motivation – Choose Happy

Choose happy because this week, God wants you to be truly happy and exuberant with joy. If you have for a long time been away from music, this week would be a great time to resume listening to great songs again, and for you too to burst out with singing. Sing, not necessarily because great things have happened yet; sing because great things are about to happen. Your  joy will open for you the doorway into the new life God has set ahead of you. This is the one great gift God is giving you this week; your innermost sense of joy shall be the key to opening that new door. This week, God says that the force of your joy would do more for you than your hours labours would. Arise with melody in your heart, for truly joy comes in the morning.

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