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Mummy GO: “Saying Hello Is A Sin” (Video)

Mummy GO: “Saying Hello Is A Sin” (Video) Agnesisikablog


Mummy GO: “Saying Hello Is A Sin” (Video)

Mummy GO: “Saying Hello Is A Sin” (Video)

A video has gone viral on social media showing Evangelist Funmi Adebayo, popularly called Mummy Go, a controversial Nigerian clergywoman, declaring that saying the word “Hello” is a sin.

Mummy GO, who is the leader of the Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC) in Lagos’ Iyana Ipaja neighborhood, recently declared that removing the o from Hello transforms it into Hell, and so it is a sinful language.

Aka Mummy GO said, “A bishop from Ghana was arguing with me. He said Evangelist Funmi, we are listening to your message but don’t say nonsense. Don’t teach us wrong things. I said what is the wrong thing that I taught.

Mummy GO: “Saying Hello Is A Sin” (Video) Agnesisikablog

“He said you said if somebody said Hello, it is demonic. It is not good. I said yes sir I said so. I never denied it.

“He said ok, what about the ‘Lord’s prayer’, our Father, who art in heaven, ‘hello’ be thy name. I said it’s not ‘hello’, it’s hallo, go back and check your dictionary.

“By the time you remove o from Hello, what remains? Hell! So I greet you in the morning or you call me and I just mention Hell! It is a language of hell, a slogan of hell.”

Watch the video below;


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