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Stay Out Of The Pressure Zone – Monday Perspective

Stay Out Of The Pressure Zone – Monday Perspective

Stay Out Of The Pressure Zone

Some easy-to-get things often end up being more costly than we could ever have imagined. When we come under the pressures of life, the already-made meal of Jacob may seem to us a far better option than allowing ourselves to go through the process God has prescribed for us. Yet it is these same short cuts to our desires that often end up becoming our greatest undoing.

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It is so easy to lose it all to haste and impatience when indeed waiting for God’s time would have made all things beautiful. Like Esau we may feel the pang of hunger or the burning passion for our desire so strongly that we are tempted to think we would die if we do not get it here and now, but patience is golden and the right timing ultimately reveals the beauty of the divine purpose.

Thank God it is Monday. Stay out of the pressure zone. Your desire is worth the wait, for He makes all things beautiful only in its time.

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