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Toyin Lawani Dishes Out Advise To Ladies Marrying ‘Men With Power’

Toyin Lawani Agnesisika blog

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Toyin Lawani Dishes Out Advise To Ladies Marrying ‘Men With Power’

Toyin Lawani Dishes Out Advise To Ladies Marrying ‘Men With Power’

Fashion designer and social media personality, Toyin Lawani, has said ladies should not forget to build their own power even if they are married to “a man with power.”

She said, “If you marry a man with power and don’t build your own power, he will definitely use it against you later.”

She continued, “Be wise ladies and choose wisely. Know the people you want to marry in and out before you fall into their trap(sic).”

Toyin Lawani said this in an Instagram post in which she lamented that Precious Chikwendu, a former beauty queen and estranged wife of former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, is being prevented from seeing her kids – four boys.

In a video in December 2021, Chikwendu appealed to women to come to her aid, saying a court order which permits her access to her children is being ignored.

She captioned the video, “Till court orders are obeyed, till our voices as mothers are heard, till children are no longer used as bullet shield for failures of two adults, till the emotional state of my sons is put into consideration, we shall keep speaking up.”

Toyin Lawani Agnesisika blog

Reacting, Toyin Lawani who was tagged in the post said, “No mother should experience what @snowhiteey is going through right now. It’s so heartbreaking, annoying and wicked.”

She added that she has been receiving DMs warning her simply because she spoke up for the former beauty queen.

“I have been seeing their annoying DMs warning me. They even paid a blog to tarnish my image as a mother because I spoke up for her. Everyone knows how much of a super mom I am, so leave your dirty talks in the gutter, this serial entrepreneur is made strong.

“When I speak the truth, I speak it. I didn’t know the lady before now, I just saw her constant daily post about her kids and it’s only right for me to feel for her as I’m a mom of three kids too. Every mother out there should take up this case and fight for this woman till she’s heard,” she said.

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