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Why Having S*x On A First Date Doesn’t Bother Me, Actress Moet Abebe


Why Having S*x On A First Date Doesn’t Bother Me, Actress Moet Abebe

Actress and well-known figure in Nigerian media, Moet Abebe, has declared that she is game for s*x on the first date.

She says she’s done it before and doesn’t regret it.

In the most recent episode of the podcast “Bahd And Boujee,” which she and reality star Tolanibaj co-host, the actress revealed this.

Tolanibaj asked: “Would you have sex on a first date?”

Moet replied: “Yes, why not? I have done it before. To be honest, I have no regrets. I don’t regret anything in my life. If I want you, I want you. And I’m also shameless.”

The actress also said she dislikes it when her friends suspect her of snatching their partners.

“I hate when women who are close to me think I want to take their man,” she said.

Tolanibaj inferred, “It’s because you are endowed. I can understand why they are insecure. Your backside is intimidating. But that is because they are also not sure of themselves.”

Premarital s*x is a sin. Even if you don’t believe that or don’t believe in God at all, premarital s*x is still, at best, a bad idea.

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