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2023 Election: We Need People Who Are For The People And Not Their Pockets – Amamgbo

2023 Election: We Need People Who Are For The People And Not Their Pockets – Amamgbo

Nigeria needs visionary leaders, not unscrupulous politicians who use public service to profit themselves at the expense of society, says renowned Nigerian lawyer Chidi Donald Amamgbo.

He said Nigerians should not consider politics as a life or death matter.

On Tuesday in Abuja, the prospective senator advised Nigerians not to sell their votes or support candidates based on sentiment.

He urged Nigerians to vote responsibly in 2023.

“In Nigeria, people take power but have no agenda,” says Amamgbo. They are not egalitarian in their desires for power. They use power to profit themselves. Because, you know, a lot of Nigerians are Carefree and don’t pay attention to their elected officials. They believe in the politics of ‘give me my own share’ rather than demanding social change.

“Many people have sat on the sidelines, regardless of degree. So, are you willing to do some of what politicians do? But it must change. People who can make a difference cannot sit back and watch generations be held hostage by inept politicians. There are fine politicians and nice people in politics, but there are also plenty who should not be in politics or given authority.

“A statesman is a leader once given authority. No one can expect decent governance from an unethical elector. We have too many politicians right now.”

Amamgbo emphasized the necessity for successful individuals who are willing to contribute to the country’s progress.

The lawyer-turned-politician advised people to quit whining and start doing.

“I’ll run for Senate because I’m enraged,” he added. Our politicians see our society deteriorating but do nothing to aid the people. What does a politician do for us when we elect them?

So you can either sit and complain or you join the race as a lone wolf. Hopefully, you can form a coalition of like-minded folks. And if it gets too frustrating, I will go back to work(as a lawyer). Insincere people with a bag of money come to the polls, dish it out to others, and rig their way into government while we sit back and complain instead of acting. When someone rigs themselves in, months of litigation follow.

“look at what is occurring with the Anambra PDP politics? It’s not that they’re clueless. They prefer to cause chaos and win. Electing a leader in Nigeria has become a business where you put money and earn a return on investment when elected. Look at Julius Nyerere and Shehu Shagari, politicians who served and lived a normal life after retirement. So we have seen exemplary politicians,” he remarked.


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