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A 4.87 Billion Naira Budget Has Been Approved For The Tracking, Interception And Monitoring Of Mobile Calls And Messages

A 4.87 Billion Naira Budget Has Been Approved For The Tracking, Interception And Monitoring Of Mobile Calls And Messages

In order to track, intercept and monitor conversations and messages on mobile devices, including Thuraya and WhatsApp, the National Assembly has authorized the national intelligence agency’s N4.87 billion budget.

The amount forms part of the additional budget N895.8 billion, submitted last month by President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) and approved by both chambers, after being raised by around N87 billion, last week.

According to President Senator Barau Jibrin, the budget is intended to procure military equipment and fight further COVID-19 spread. The Senate Committee for appropriations.

The details of our correspondent’s additional budget showed N2,938,650,000 spent on the Thuraya solution, and N1,931,700,000 were spent on WhatsApp interception solution.

In addition, the NIA has a N129m to allow its staff to undertake overseas education.

In addition, the Defense Intelligence Agency received a capital agreement of N16,8 billion to supply infrastructure, cyber intelligence center, independent legal intercept platform (voice and advanced data monitoring) and a mobile geological tactical platform.

Of the N33.6bn sanctioned as a recurring cost for the Federal Ministry of Police, 19 police training institutions across the country were allocated the sum of N200m.

The amount of N4.1bn was earmarked for staff feeding while N910m were being affected.

Training and support workers were offered training allowances of N257m while N582m will be monitored and evaluated.

Other logistics and consumables will also be spent by the Nigéria Police Force.

The Federal Minister for Police would invest N8,5bn in ballistics, bullet-resistant vests and utility vehicles in its capital component.

The Ministry of Police Affairs also obtained votes of N22,5bn for drones, munitions, discreet information and other requirements.

The Defense Head Office has N3,7 billion to support another 2,700 personnel and implement, among other things, the Cimic Quick Impact initiative.

The DHQ has N33.6bn to buy weapons, ammunition, vehicles, generators, combat engines, communication equipment and apparel, amongst others, as the capital component of the budget.

As a ration of cash allowance/operating allowances, oil and lubricants, contingencies, monitoring and trainings, the Nigerian army headquarters received a total of N 1.590 billion.

The capital vote for the army headquarters is to buy, between other equipment, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, monitoring equipment, body armor, and all kinds of tires at N207bn.

The disintegration of the additional funds also demonstrated that the Nigerian Navy was able to fuel major ships with N5.9 billion and Helo.

The Nigerian Navy, on its other hand, received a capital vote of N157.7bn for vehicles, weaponry, ammunition, power supply, general hardware, body armor, surveillance systems, etc.

For his part the Nigerian Air Force had N8.2 milliards to carry out, amongst other things, aircraft maintenance, fueling and construction.

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It also received a N239bn capital ballot to buy additional aircraft, weapons, caset rehabilitation, special vehicles etc.

A capital vote of N43,3bn was given to the Defense Space Administration in order to supply satellite imagery, cyber security, monitoring equipment, drones, infrastructure and vehicles.

In order to purchase cars, communications facilities, weapons and weapons, etc., the Nigerian security and civil defension corps had a capital voting of N14,8 billion.

In order to complete its center to combat terrorism the Office of the national security advisor has N17bn.

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