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AIB’s Top Music Winner For The Week Goes To Bahati ft Prince Indah – “My Abebo”


AIB’s Top Music Winner For The Week Goes To Bahati ft Prince Indah – “My Abebo”

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing great.

So this week, I traveled all the way to Kenya to bring you this exciting and melodious song by Bahati. Sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

Kevin Kioko, popularly known by his stage name Bahati is an award-winning Kenyan Gospel singer who became famous for his hit song Mama, which hit the airwaves. He is one of the most successful artists in Kenya and also a fast-rising music star.

Bahati unlock a new song titled, ‘My Abebo’. He released the new track in collaboration with vernacular singer Prince Indah. ‘Abebo‘ is a love song that is suitable for a wedding ceremony. Abebo is a name given to your lover, a synonym for sweetheart. You are my abebo.

The music video bears the storyline of the two singers introducing their partners to their families in a traditional wedding ceremony.

Music lovers have praised the seamless chemistry that exists between Bahati and Prince Indah, citing that the two have a unique way of presenting the theme of love in their songs.

The fantastic song will make it on your playlist.

Enjoy the lyrics and video below;

Abebo, Abebo
My Abebo, Abebo
Like A Year Ago
Sa Ninampango Ujue Kwetu
Babe Did You Know
Nakupenda Sana
Wewe Ndio Wangu Chaguo Langu

Nyingi Mara Maero
Mama Nyingini I Love You
Maingi Mauchano Mama
Baitini Bauruswa
Baby Bwonji Jaherah Miye
Baby Bwonji Jaherah Miye

My Abebo (Abebo)
Abebo (Abebo)
My Abebo (Abebo)
Abebo (Abebo)
My Abebo (Abebo)
Abebo (Abebo)
My Abebo (Abebo)
Abebo (Abebo)
My Abebo…..

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