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American Actor Didnt Marry Because He Did Want His Mother To…


American Actor Didnt Marry Because He Did Want His Mother To…

Marlon Wayans, an American Hollywood actor has said that his late mother, Elvira Wayans, is the reason he has never married.

The 51-year-old American actor stated that he pledged to make his late mother the most important lady in his life, which he maintained until she died in 2020 at the age of 81.

In an interview with The New York Times, the comedian explained that he chose not to marry so that he could prioritise his connection with his mother.

“My mother’s death broke me. It shattered me into a million pieces because that was my girl,” he said. “I never got married, because I never wanted my mother to be jealous of a woman. I never wanted my mother to feel second to any woman.”

When asked if his mother was the reason he never married, Marlon Wayans replied, “Absolutely,” adding that she was “one of five reasons.”

He said: “Mom was very needy. I told my mother on her deathbed, ‘I never got married because I always wanted you to be my No. 1 girl.’ Those were my last words. I said, ‘Take that to heaven with you.’”

Marlon Wayans has two kids, Kai and Shawn, with previous longtime companion Angelica Zackery.

He stated in March of this year that he had welcomed a daughter who is now one year old.

Elvira and Howell, the comedian’s parents, have ten children, many of whom are entertainers.

Howell Wayans died last year at the age of 86.

Marlon Wayans, who starred in “In Living Colour” and “The Wayans Bros.,” is the youngest of his siblings.

In 2020, Marlon Wayans paid tribute to his mother on her 82nd birthday.

“You will always be my first love happy bday woman. Baby boy misses you,” he wrote.

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