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American Comedian James Gregory Is Dead


American Comedian James Gregory Is Dead

James Gregory, an American comedian noted for dubbing himself “The Funniest Man in America,” died at the age of 78.

Gregory’s relatives reported that he died on Thursday, May 9, following cardiac issues.

After years of working as a salesperson, James turned to comedy in the early 1980s at the age of 36, and he was the first comedian to hit the stage at Atlanta’s famed Punchline club. While renowned as a Southern comic, he spent the next four decades throughout the country delivering performances.

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His largest claim to fame came in the 1980s, when he labelled himself “The Funniest Man in America,” and later he took the URL domain “,” solidifying himself in the minds of his supporters as the funniest guy.

the American comedian is survived by his three nieces and other extended family members.

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