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ARD Warns Governor Ishaku, Tells Him To Improve Medical Doctor’s Working Conditions

ARD Warns Governor Ishaku, Tells Him To Improve Medical Doctor’s Working Conditions

There appears to be no resolution to the ongoing issue between the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) in Taraba State and the state administration.

The problem, if not addressed immediately, may force the doctors to put down their working instruments as a result.

The physicians, in a letter sent to Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku on Wednesday, are firm in their demand for improved working conditions.


Using a letter signed by the hospital’s President, Dr. Ahmed Uba, and the Secretary, Dr. Sabo Rimande, the residents’ doctors demanded that the government bring to a stop the casualization of medical doctors at the State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo and that they do so as soon as possible.

It was also urged that the Medical Residency Training Act be immediately introduced in the state and that internship training be instituted at the State Specialist Hospital for medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory scientists be instituted.

They also expressed disappointment with the government’s ambivalent stance toward the payment of COVID-19 enticement and hazard compensations to all healthcare employees employed by the state health system

“We wish to bring to the notice of your Excellency, lingering issues affecting residents doctors in the State which include; implementation and payment of arrears of doctors recently promoted”, the letter stated.

“Payment of correct amount of equivalent to grade level for all medical students on bond as stipulated by the bond signed with the State government.

“Correction of the underpayment of members and provision of running cost for health facilities and hospitals in the state.”

ARD also requested compensation for death in service in regards to their colleagues who died as a result of COVID-19 and LASSA Fever while attending to patients at Taraba State Specialist Hospital, Jalingo.

They are waiting on the governor’s response over the issue as it may soon get out of control.

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