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Bad Governance: “This Nigeria Was Our Own, It Didn’t Matter The Region Where You Were From” – Broda Shaggi

Bad Governance: “This Nigeria Was Our Own, It Didn’t Matter The Region Where You Were From” – Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry, better known by his stage name Broda Shaggi, a Nigerian comedian and composer, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the country’s current political situation.

Broda Shaggi expressed his displeasure with the divisions between ethnic and religious groups in the country in a post on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, which was prompted by some individuals calling for the country’s secession.

He stated that “everyone has experienced some type of agony, cruelty, and indifference from the government and its law enforcement agencies” in response to the current economic crisis in Nigeria, which he believes is the result of poor administration.

“There was a time when the ‘WAZOBIA’ notion was popular; this Nigeria was our own, and it didn’t matter which region you came from,” the author writes in the piece.

“Every phrase of our pledge meant everything to us. It was genuine, and it was backed up by faith.

“With each successive administration, we recognized that the people in whose hands we placed our nation’s trust kept betraying us until we had become jaded as a result.

”It’s a dog-eat-dog out here now, and the individuals who are meant to preserve the rule of law treat us as if we are the enemy,’ says one. Everyone has been subjected to some degree of suffering, cruelty, or neglect at the hands of the government and its law enforcement authorities.

“The performance, which I created with my collaborators earlier this year, was an exercise in wringing out my own and their spirits.” It encapsulates our hopes and dreams for a better Nigeria, one that is filled with love and optimism. The only thing I hope is that we don’t give up fighting for our home; I pray that we summon the remnants of our living selves and become ‘Brutus to their Neros.’”


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