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BBNaija S6: Boma Confronts Maria For Throwing Food On Him

BBNaija S6: Boma Confronts Maria For Throwing Food On Him

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate and Head of House, Boma, confronted Maria for throwing food on him.

Maria had angrily thrown her food into the sink at the same time Boma was washing his cutleries at the sink and some food substance splashed on him.

It all started when the housemates were talking about their stained toilet during lunchtime on Thursday, day 12 of the show.

While they all ate, Angel talked about a stain on the toilet, stating that she tried cleaning it but it refused to go off.

According to her, the stain is from the chemical they used in washing the toilet but Niyi insist that it was a poop stain.

As they all discussed, Maria got irritated, stood up from the table, tossed her food in the sink, and walked out from the lounge into the room.

Particles of the food splashed on Boma, who was washing his cutlery at the sink. He tried telling her but she had already left the lounge.

Peace could be heard saying, “Maria, that’s rude, do you understand? That’s very very rude.”

Boma approached Maria in the room concerning her actions. He told her that she just walked away even as he tried to call her back.

“I didn’t mean to do that. I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking,” Maria said.

While discussing the issue with Nini and Arin, Boma said Maria’s act was a sign of violence because she threw the food at him.

Then Arin said Maria threw some of the food and her drink on the floor.

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