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BBNaija S6: Fans Matchmake Favorites After First Jacuzzi Party

BBNaija S6: Fans Matchmake Favorites After First Jacuzzi Party

Fans got into the matchmaking mood after the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates had their first Jacuzzi Party on Friday night.

The Jacuzzi Party was one of Biggie’s rewards to the housemates for a successful first task.

During the party, some housemates were spotted getting cozy with each other.

While Emmanuel and Liquorose spent most of their time together, Sammie remained glued to Angel throughout the party.

Saga, Nini, Pere and Maria also spent quite a while in the bathtub, having the fun of their lives.
Reacting to how some housemates related among themselves, fans have taken to Twitter to matchmake their faves, hoping that ‘ships’ begin to sail soon.
A tweep, @paperboy_eblaze, said “Ships I am praying for: Maria and Pere(after all the wildcard saga), Cross and Saskay, Sammie and Peace, and Boma and Angel. If one of this ship sails, I will over ship it.”

“These are my ships: Emma/Rose, Maria/Cross, Nini/Saga, Boma/Jackie B, then add Angel and Sammie. Let nobody ruin it for me,” @naledijumbo said.

Referring to Emmanuel and Rose, @escothefemale said, “Emmarose will give me stress. Maybe I can go for Cross and Saskay.”

@nollyabcxyz said, “Peace, please leave Liquorose bed, let Emmanuel do his thing. I want to see where this is headed. Emmanuel has obviously marked his territory with Rose. The whole house knows now.”

Source: Nairaland Forum

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