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BBNaija S6: Niyi, Cross Clash Over Slices Of Bread

BBNaija S6: Niyi, Cross Clash Over Slices Of Bread

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Niyi and Cross, got into a class on Thursday morning over slices of bread.

The argument ensued when Cross blew hot as Niyi collected the remaining slices of bread. According to Cross, Niyi had said that the amount of bread to be taken is based on when you come to collect.

Cross said, “Why will you say that a person that comes first is supposed to take more?”

Niyi retorted, “What are you saying? How will I say a person that comes first is supposed to take more? Does it make sense to you?”

“That was why I was shocked because you said it,” said Cross

Niyi, however, maintained his ground, stating that he never said such but Cross was not having any of that.

“But you said it now, you said it here. If you want to say you’re sorry that you said it as a wrong statement, I’ll understand but you said it,” He said.

In defense, Niyi answered, “Everybody has taken bread before I went to take it. I even felt like I was the last person. Do you understand?

“There’s no first come, first serve. Stop saying first come, first serve.”

“But that’s what you said now,” Cross said.

“I didn’t say come first, come serve. I don’t like it. Stop calling my name and associating my name with bread. It’s very very sick,” Niyi said and walked out.

While the duo was engaging in the squabble, Whitemoney was trying to calm them down in a joking manner as he was heard saying, “Man shall not live by bread alone.”


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