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Broken Trust In Marriage, Can It Be Overlooked?

Broken Trust In Marriage, Can It Be Overlooked?

Hi lovelies!   Every marriage comes with its ups and downs. Most times, the talk of the town wedding ceremony of a couple suddenly goes sour and then you begin to hear tales of cheats, Lies, deceit, betrayal, etc.

I came across a story of a couple on a friend’s status and I decided to share my thoughts on the issue at hand. Hoping to hear your views on it.

There is this couple that loves and cherishes each other so much that they don’t hide things from each other (So they think). Their love story was one in paradise. Their communication was strong, sex life was great and they had everything going smoothly for them.

At the initial stage of their wedding, they both made a decision not to have kids, according to them, they were not ready for it. They just want to enjoy their lives, they traveled together, read books together, and did most things together.

Love❤ is sweet when you fall in ❤❤ with the right person, was the woman’s everyday slogan.

Don’t forget that they are both free to touch each other’s phones because they don’t have any skeleton in their cupboards???, they had a great marriage.

One day, the wife was going through her husband’s phone, and a message popped up. She opened it and saw a message from her mother-in-law asking her husband if he will be able to come over the weekend for his son’s birthday?

She was dumbfounded, she was scared, she said to herself it was a joke, that the mother was not referring to her husband. She quickly checked his inbox, she found nothing. Checked his photo gallery, still got nothing. So she thought of checking his mailbox.

And then…BOOOOOOM!

My dear readers, it was there she saw all that he has been hiding for the past 4 years. She saw all the photos of the naming ceremony and birthday parties of the child.

She was in shock, she was heartbroken, she was shattered, she was hurt. She asked herself if she was dreaming, she needed someone to wake her up from her sleep.

She summoned up the courage to ask her husband and he did not deny it, he told her everything she needed to know concerning the baby.

Now, here is my own opinion about everything. From the start, there was a mutual understanding/ agreement between the couple.

Nevertheless, I believe if there is going to be a change of mind, the husband should have spoken to the wife about it saying he now wants kids or that his family has been disturbing him on the issue of giving them children because he is the ONLY SON.

Secondly, the mistake has already been made. The husband was sober about it and he has pleaded with her. Though it’s painful, I mean very very painful but what is done is done.

Sincerely I feel her pain, she was deeply hurt. She needed that space but they can still come together since he has stopped communicating with the Baby Mama and he has been finding every possible means to speak with her about them starting afresh.

Now the trust the woman has for her husband has been broken by someone she truly loves and adores. Can her husband gain back her trust?

If you were in this Lady’s shoes, can you forgive him and be willing to go back to the marriage?

Please share your opinions with me on this.

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