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Fire Official Set To Demolish Collapsed Condo On Sunday

Fire Official Set To Demolish Collapsed Condo On Sunday

The partially collapsed condo that came down more than a week ago will be demolished on Sunday as workers plan to bring down the remainder of the building.

Recall that yesterday, Miami-Dade County; Mayor Daniella Levine Cava authorized the demolition of the 12-story condominium building.

A top Miami-Dade fire official on Saturday told family members of people missing in the rubble of the proposed plan to demolish the reminding part as soon as possible.

Worries have intensified over the past week that the damaged structure could come tumbling down on its own, endangering the crews below and complicating the search for victims.

Fire Rescue Assistant; Fire Chief Raide Jadallah told family members during a morning briefing that the building would be brought down “as soon as possible. First thing tomorrow.”

But he cautioned that there “maybe some hiccups.” A follow-up meeting will be held in the afternoon to finalize details of the demolition, which could be a precarious operation as experts enter the building to bore into the structure to install explosives.

Concerns that the still-standing portion could tumble have curtailed the search in areas close to that section, and shifts detected by monitors early Thursday prompted a 15-hour suspension of the entire search until engineers determined the site was safe to restart.

Jadallah said the remnants of the demolished building would be removed immediately after with the intent of giving rescuers access for the first time to parts of the garage area that is a focus of the search. Such access could give officials a clearer picture of the voids that might exist in the rubble and could harbor survivors.

No one has been rescued since the first hours after the June 24 collapse. The approach of Hurricane Elsa from the Caribbean Sea also raises concerns that strong winds possible in South Florida by late Sunday or early Monday could further destabilize the standing portion of the towers.

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The confirmed death toll from the collapse of the condominium building on June 24 stood at 22 early Saturday. Officials reduced the number of missing from 145 to 126 after duplicate names were eliminated and some residents reported missing turned up safe.

The demolition of the building would temporarily suspend search operations, but officials hope not for long. Some families asked to be able to return to the building to retrieve personal belongings, but will not be allowed to do so.

According to Association press, Levine Cava also announced that a building in North Miami was found to be unsafe after it was reviewed by authorities, noting that it has not been recertified. Authorities have ordered an evacuation of the building.

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