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Check Out Kenyan All-Female Armed Bodyguards Wearing Hijabs

Check Out Kenyan All-Female Armed Bodyguards Wearing Hijabs

A Few days ago a Kenyan lawmaker made headlines after she was spotted in the company of an all-female, armed security detail. She says she decided to choose them over male bodyguards because she believes they can do better.

In one of the photos the MP shared on her Twitter page, two armed female guards could be seen posing next to her for a photo.

“I prefer women bodyguards as my security detail. I believe that women can do better than men,” the MP told local news outlet Nation.Africa. “The place I went to was 10km from the Somalia border and I saw the need to have one vehicle of security officers accompanying me. The area was recently attacked by suspected Al-Shabaab militants, I could not have risked my life.”

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