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Court Orders Dr. Dre To Pay $500,000 To Estranged Wife Nicole Young’s Divorce Lawyer

Court Orders Dr. Dre To Pay $500,000 To Estranged Wife Nicole Young’s Divorce Lawyer

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s forthcoming divorce gets heated up after a judge reportedly ordered the producer to pay for his estranged wife’s legal fees.

On Tuesday, 27th of April, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge reportedly ordered the 56-year-old to pay $500,000 in attorney fees to Nicole’s legal team.

As per Daily Mail on Wednesday, 28th April, who appears to have obtained the court documents, the legendary producer must produce that cash, on or before, May 7 unfailingly.

Nicole Young asked Los Angeles Judge Michael Powell to pressurize her wealthy, soon-to-be-ex-husband to pay her $2 million per month in spousal support, plus $5 million for her attorney fees.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce has left tension between the former couple. Nicole accused the veteran producer of putting a gun to her head twice during their marriage and punching her in the head on two separate occasions.

Nicole Young also alleged that Dre emptied her bank accounts and accused the rapper-producer of serial cheating.
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