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Dakore Egbuson Speaks Out On Why She Dropped Out

Dakore Egbuson Speaks Out On Why She Dropped Out

Nollywood Actress; Dakore Egbuson Finally Speaks Out On Why She Dropped Out

You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream to achieve your aim and objectives in life.

Education is important because it serves as the major achievement in life. But sometimes is rather difficult for some people to acquire a degree considering their financial status.

Sometimes, I believe that if you are humble and hardworking, then be rest assured that lots of opportunities will arise for you.

You would recall that when the news broke that Dakore Akande did not have a university degree and that she was a school dropout, there were lots of people who regularly criticize her about it, calling her ‘less than’ for not having one.

Now in an interview with Chude, the beautiful and talented actress is speaking out about why exactly she had to drop out of university and what that experience taught her. Are you ready to read what Dakore said? Then read on!

During the interview, Chude asked Dakore why she did not finish her education saying she might as well go to a different university to complete her education.

Dakore said:

“You know I did try. I did. Let’s break it down, so first I went in 1996/97 to UNILAG to study Mass Com. But I did a diploma. So I did a diploma in mass com, majored in PR and Advertising. Then I left for a year cuz you have to work for a year to make sure it’s something that you really want to do and so I started working at Casers which is an advertising place. After that I started working at a PR job, Y2Group which is where Emem (Isong) started. This was before I went back to school.

“And then because at that time I didn’t have much – nobody knew who I was – my parents had just split up, there were a lot of things going on. My dad wasn’t there to help me with the admission process because everything was different. Just tough.

Nollywood Actress; Dakore Egbuson Finally Speaks Out On Why She Dropped Out

“Then I had to write JAMB again. I didn’t have a leg to work my direct entry because I should have entered from Year 2 with a diploma. I now had to write JAMB again. I wrote JAMB and I did very well and I got into Mass Com., the course I wanted. So I started again from Year 1. This is after doing diploma, working, starting again Year 1, Year 2, then Year 2 half, the strike started.

“During that time I was on television doing Sports TV so even when I was in Uni, I was already on TV. So my people were asking what kind of Seiko is this girl? But I was so driven cuz I knew that I needed this education to go where I wanted to go. But when the education started getting staccato, it’s not for everybody and I got disillusioned.

“I’m trying to finish this thing so I can move on to the next thing and then you guys keep dragging me back, there was a time we were at home for a year. Just at home. So I worked with my uncle who also trained TY Bello in photography. That is to tell you the kind of person I was, I hated being idle and Nigeria was trying to make me idle and I was not going to have it. So I said okay, pata pata if I perish, I perish. Year 3, I was out.

Also, I was being harassed. I was also being harassed by my HOD at the time. So that was also a very difficult situation at the time. So I said you know what? I’m going. I’m done. It’s a wrap. People have tried to shame me about this, that’s why I’m talking about this and I refuse to be shamed. It’s not about the degree that will take you to where you want to be in life. I am educated, you cannot say I am not educated because I don’t have a degree.”

As we know, Dakore is doing well for herself with a bustling TV and film career. She has a fantastic husband and a beautiful child.

She also went on to say that after becoming successful in her career, she applied to schools abroad and got accepted by some of the biggest and most prestigious schools in the world. However, in the end, she decided not to go because she didn’t feel it was the right move for her.

Education is important though but it does not define who you are or what you want to be. We have thousands of graduates that are jobless why most people that don’t even know the walls of the school are doing massively well.

I think the word Focus is the key to success. When you are focused and determined to be great not minding if you are educated or not, be rest assured that you will make it in life. It might not be easy at the initial stage but at last, you will triumph.

Source: Interview by Chude

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