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England: Customers To Present Vaccination Passport Before Entry Into Entertainment Centers

England: Customers To Present Vaccination Passport Before Entry Into Entertainment Centers

In a bid to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the UK, entertainment centers in England will force customers to use so-called vaccination passports from autumn to prove they have had either both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or a negative test the day before.

According to The Times newspaper, COVID-19 certificates will be required for customers to enter bars, restaurants, and nightclubs under plans to tackle a fourth wave of the coronavirus.

Despite a surge in daily cases linked to the Delta variant, UK’s Prime Minister; Boris Johnson plans to lift the remaining coronavirus restrictions in England on pubs, restaurants, and other public events on July 19.

Johnson is expected to move ahead with the final stage of the four-step plan out of lockdown and “restore people’s freedoms” when he speaks at a news conference on Monday. Step four, which is scheduled to come into effect on July 19, will mean the removal of mask-wearing rules, the end of social distancing, and the return of large-scale events.

The UK has reported 35,707 new cases of coronavirus and a further 29 deaths in the latest 24-hour period.

This is now the highest number of cases recorded in the third wave and since January 23 when there were 33,431 new infections. The number of new infections has jumped almost 9,000 from last Friday when there were 26,758 new cases – and 27 deaths.

Seeing what is already happening in UK with the increased number of deaths and positive cases recorded, we are of the opinion that the UK does not have the luxury to wait until Autumn to begin to demand for vaccination pass into most entertainment centers.

Do you agree? Kindy share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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