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Exclusive CCTV Footage Of The Moment Omoyele Sowore Was Illegally Abducted By The DSS Operatives In Lagos

Exclusive CCTV Footage Of The Moment Omoyele Sowore Was Illegally Abducted By The DSS Operatives In Lagos

The Moment Omoyele Sowore Was Illegally Abducted

It was earlier reported that pro-democracy activist and the convener of #RevolutionNow Protests, Omoyele Sowore was arrested by
operatives of the Department of State Services.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera placed in Sowore’s apartment. In video, he was picked up at his apartment at about 1am on Saturday morning, he managed to post a distress tweet at exactly 1:25 am but his phone was forcefully taken from him by the armed DSS operatives.

The Moment Omoyele Sowore Was Illegally Abducted

The video which was released by Sahara Reports, captured a guy on white following the operatives. The yet to be identified man was said to have followed after the DSS cars to ensure he knows where they were taking Sowore. He followed them until they parked and an officer came down, cocked a gun and threaten to shot him before he stopped following them.

Justifying Sowore’s arrest, the DSS said his action is a threat to public safety, peaceful co-existence and social harmony in the country.

Here is the video from the CCTV footage.

Omoyele “Yele” Sowore  is a Nigerian human rights activist, pro-democracy campaigner, former presidential candidate, and founder of an online news agency Sahara Reporters.

On 3 August 2019 Sowore was arrested by the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) for alleged treason after calling for a protest tagged RevolutionNow. He was arrested again and beaten during a protest in Abuja on January 1, 2021.

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