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Father’s Day Special: My Dad My Hero

Father’s Day Special: My Dad My Hero

“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.” – Ama H. Vanniarachchy

It’s father day! A day set aside to celebrate every father figure in our lives. A special day to spend time with them, to pray for them from the depth of our heart! A day to make them feel extra happy and loved.

To me, My Dad is my hero because he is the most precious gift God has bestowed to me on earth and he is very special to me. He loves me a lot that he does not joke with me. He knows when am not happy and cheers me up.

My Dad has played the role of both a Father and a Mother to me. I lost my Mum at a very early stage and my caring Dad filled the vacuum. He did not remarry because he does not want any woman to maltreat his children. How many man can do that? But my Precious Hero did that for us his children.

My Dad is a retired staff of Central Bank but he never cheated, he is very honest and transparent. He will always tell me that he made his work his best friend and I should also try it. I remember when my dad use to go the market and cook for us, he carried all the responsibility of making sure that we were taken care of.

My Dad is someone I cherish so much, he taught us how to cook, do our laundries and many things that made us who we are today.

I have seen my dad cry when ever I am in pains most especially when am having my menstral cramp. He will boil water for me, give me my drugs, feed me and made sure that nobody disturbs me.

Most times when my dad is not feeling fine and he is in pains, he hides it , all because he does not want me to get worried.

My dad is Strong, Smart and Energetic. He is very hardworking and I took that from him. Did I mention that my Dad is a Genius.. Oh Yes, he is very talented and I respect him so much for that.

My dad is my mentor, my Number 1 role model!

My dad is extremely loving and caring. I so much enjoy spending time with him because I learn a lot from him. When ever I need his help, he is always there to render it to me.

Daddy, am using this medium to thank you for being my hero, chauffeur, financial support, listener, life mentor, friend, guardian, and simply being there every time I need a hug. No matter where I go in life, you would always be my number one man.

Happy Father’s Day to you and every Father out there! You Are Special and Loved!

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