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Firefighters Rescue Days Old Baby From China Floods As Deadly Torrential Rains Continue

Firefighters Rescue Days Old Baby From China Floods As Deadly Torrential Rains Continue

Following the devastating torrential rains in China that have left over 30 people dead, Firefighters continue to rescue people stranded, including a baby and a pregnant woman.

In a video released by AFP news agency, the Henan Fire Brigade is seen helping several people in an area where huge areas have been submerged in floods as a result of heavy rains.

With many streets still flooded, trucks pumped muddy water from underground tunnels, a firefighter is seen walking cautiously through floodwaters carrying a child, as several other firefighters helped people board boats in the background.

A pregnant woman can also be seen getting down from the bus with the help of another passenger. Firefighters are also seen carrying a man on a stretcher. It is not clear which areas of Henan the footage is from. Several cities in the province have been affected, with Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, which has a population of 12 million, the worst.

At least 12 people died after being trapped inside the city’s metro system on Tuesday night, which was hit by flooding, news agency Associated Press (AP) reported.

China’s official Xinhua agency said an additional eight were missing in the floods. While Zhengzhou was drier on Thursday, large areas of the city are still flooded. Road, railway and air transport have been affected in the city.

Citing state broadcaster CCTV, the AP reported that the storm has now moved to northeastern Henan, where it has targeted the cities of Hebei, Anyang, and Xinjiang.

Xinjiang received more than 25 centimeters of rain in 19 hours between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, the heaviest in recorded history.

Public transport has been suspended in Anyang and people have been told to stay at home, even as many desperate residents sought help on social media. The Chinese military also blew up a dam near the city of Luoyang on Tuesday to release floodwaters.

More than three million people in Henan have been affected by rain and floods, causing economic losses of 1.2 billion yuan (about £135 million).

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