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Four-Month-Old Baby Abducted At Gunpoint In Akwa Ibom


Four-Month-Old Baby Abducted At Gunpoint In Akwa Ibom

A four-month-old infant was kidnapped by two armed men in Akwa Ibom State’s Itu Local Government Area and held at gunpoint.

The incident happened at their family’s home next to the PCN Primary School in East Itam on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at around three in the morning, according to the Nigerian Tribune.

Udeme Eyo, the father of the four-month-old child, from Enen-Atai village in Itu LGA, has made a Save Our Soul (SOS) request to the security authorities, requesting that they do all in their ability to retrieve his child.

Speaking with the publication, Eyo claimed that at around three in the morning on Saturday, his family was awakened by a loud knock on the door, followed by two burly guys barging into their bedroom demanding their infant.

“I was half asleep when I heard the bang on the door. I jumped out of bed, but the door was pulled to the ground with force. Two strange men entered and demanded my son. As a man, I tried to stop them, but they brought out guns and machetes. I struggled,” he narrated.

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“They seized the child from my wife, who was screaming, kicked her aside, and made away with the baby. When I rushed out to raise an alarm to alert my neighbours, I saw them zoom off in a car that was parked about a pole away.

“As I speak, my wife is completely traumatised. We lost our first child at about the same age, and now that she was being consoled by the new baby boy, this has happened. I’m completely confused,” Mr Eyo lamented.

Prof. Efanga Usua, the village leader of the community, spoke about the issue and expressed concern and disappointment.

She said that until recently, such an incidence was unusual in the area and that a mentally ill mother had been robbed of her infant by unidentified bike guys.

In order to find a long-term solution to such terrifying incidents, he stated plans are in motion to convene a gathering of the East Itam Northern Traditional Rulers.

Even though the kidnapping mystery is still being investigated, in his opinion, the problem lies with the police.

When contacted, the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) of the Ayadehe Police Station, Itu LGA, Bokime Bassey, stated that the incident had been reported since Saturday and that police were not taking a break as they continued their investigation to ensure that those responsible for the heinous conduct were brought to justice.

Yes, the problem was reported, therefore we are aware of it. We have control over the circumstances.

We were in that village even this morning, and we are moving forward,” the DCO said.

Attempts to contact State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Timfon John, were unsuccessful as at the time of this report, since her cell phone was unanswered despite multiple attempts to reach her.

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