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Fubara to Set Up Judicial Panel of Inquiry in Rivers State, Asari Dokubo Lauds Governor 


Fubara to Set Up Judicial Panel of Inquiry in Rivers State, Asari Dokubo Lauds Governor 

Governor Fubara has disclosed plans to set up a judicial panel of inquiry in the state.

Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, has disclosed plan to set up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate the affairs of governance, how it was being conducted in the State before he assumed office.

This as the governor has sworn in Dagogo Iboroma, a Senior Advocate Nigeria (SAN), as the new Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of the State at Government House in Port Harcourt.

Speaking during the swearing in, yesterday, the Governor said he was bringing the Attorney-General on board at a critical time that there were lots of legal matters, that needed to be tackled, with bravery and courage.

He said, “So, my brother, Dagogo Iboroma, you are going to be the brand new Attorney-General of our dear state. SSG, give him his letter, he is the Attorney-General. 

“Why are we bringing you at this very critical time? We have a lot of issues around us. We believe that you are not going to be the one that when they send service to you, you go and file “nolle prosequi” or you go and file one thing that would kill us here.”

Governor Fubara continued: “Let me also say this, you have a big task. We will be setting up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate the affairs of governance. So, brace up, I am not going back on it.

“Please, defend us. We know that you are going to defend us because your record is clean. You are a gentleman and peaceful. You are not a noise maker. People like you are endowed, and they have the fear of God.”

Governor Fubara reiterated that though he thought the political crisis he considered as problem within a family would have been resolved but regretted that there had been no headway out of it.

He emphasised that though it was unfortunate, his administration has moved forward because there is now a well-constituted State House of Assembly to discharge legislative duties, and a seasoned lawyer appointed as the Attorney-General of the State.

“I am happy that this is happening today to mark the beginning of a new era in our administration. When I said that I had a reason for being patient, it is because I know that we are all from one family. And if we have a disagreement, no matter how bad it is, it should be resolved amicably.

“But it has become very clear that this disagreement, there is no way to resolve it amicably. And for a lot of reasons, there are visible evidence that there is sabotage, deliberate attempt to sabotage this administration. For that reason, we have to move forward. And, moving forward, if it means taking decisions that are going to hurt anybody, we are not going back on the protection of the interest of Rivers people.”

Governor Fubara took a swipe at a former Attorney-General, Prof. Zaccheaus Adangor, reiterated that he indulged in sabotaging the same administration he served.

“It is good that you were already a SAN before your appointment. This means that you are a very thorough lawyer and has earned your appointment. Not like the one we had here, who while in office, they went to pay money to get SAN. When you become a SAN, the only thing you will do is to sabotage government. 

“Instead of you to close your mouth, you go publicly to claim that you are a learned person. But go publicly to tell people that you were the Chief Law Officer. 

“Chief Law Officer? You were here and you went to stand before a magistrate court. At that time, you didn’t remember that you were a Chief Law Officer, going against the ethics of your job. Like I said, you will get your reward, not in the next world, but in this world.”

The Governor also said that God does not make mistakes when He elevates any person to whatever level, and dismissed talks to that effect, claiming that it was a mistake that he became Governor.

Meanwhile, an advocate for resource control and good governance in the Niger Delta, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has congratulated Governor Fubara, for achieving one-year milestone as governor of the State.

Dokubo said “governor Fubara’s leadership has been characterised by patience, wisdom, and a commitment to peace, key components in resolving conflicts and promoting unity in Rivers State”, stressing that with the governor leading the way, there is hope for a future of growth and development, free from division and discord.

He said “Rivers State boasts abundant natural resources that, when properly utilized, can elevate the region into an economic powerhouse, creating opportunities and prosperity for its people”. 

He however, called on residents of the State to embrace peace, forgiveness, and inclusivity, saying “By working together with Governor Fubara, regardless of political differences, a brighter and more prosperous future for Rivers State is within reach”.

Similarly, a former Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly under the former governor Chibuike Amaechi’s regime, Hon. Leyii Kwane, has commended governor Fubara for the appointment of Iboroma as for Justice Commissioner. 

The former deputy Speaker also commended the governor for taking a crucial step towards restoring stability in the state’s governance by the choice of Iboroma who was screened by Rt. Hon. Oko-Jumbo led legislature.

He said the move demonstrated the governor’s commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the effective functioning of the state’s government. 

He however, urged the Governor to sustain the momentum by sending more names of nominees to the assembly to fill the remaining vacant commissioner positions.

Kwane who lamented that the current political crisis in the state has adversely affected governance said it is imperative that swift action is taken to address the situation by filling critical positions which will enable the wheel of governance to move forward, providing much-needed services and support to Rivers People. 

He called on the electoral management body to conduct elections immediately to fill the vacant positions in the state legislature occasioned by the defection of 27 members, as provided by law. This, he said, will ensure that the state’s governance is truly representative of the people’s will.

Blessing Ibunge in Port Harcourt

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