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Gombe Government Confirms Outbreak Of Meningitis


Gombe Government Confirms Outbreak Of Meningitis

The Gombe State Government has acknowledged the occurrence of Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM).

According to the state administration, six people died as a result of an infectious condition that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes.

Habu Dahiru, the state’s Commissioner for Health, told a press briefing on Thursday, February 29, that five of the deaths occurred in Nafada Local Government Area and one in Funakeye Local Government Area.

A total of 95 instances have been recorded, with 83 patients successfully treated and discharged and six remaining in medical care. Dahiru further stated that, while the Incident Management System (IMS) has not yet been activated because the threshold for a CSM outbreak has not been fulfilled, the situation is severe.

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“The alarm was raised on 18 February when reports surfaced of individuals displaying symptoms indicative of CSM in Nafada Local Government Area (LGA).

“We responded swiftly by activating an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), comprising WHO, UNICEF, and NCDC, to address suspected CSM cases and assess the possibility of Lassa fever.

“We are now at Alert Threshold in Nafada and Funakaye LGAs. The EOC’s directives include engaging with local communities, religious leaders, and healthcare professionals to raise awareness about CSM, distributing essential medications free of charge, and conducting comprehensive case searches across affected areas.”

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