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Harrysong’s Wife Speaks On Husband’s Infidelity


Harrysong’s Wife Speaks On Husband’s Infidelity

Alexer Perez Gopa, the wife of Nigerian singer, Harrysong, has opened up on her husband’s series of cheating and experiences in their marriage.

A few weeks ago, Alexer, in a post on her Instagram page, announced her separation from the singer and pleaded with God for assistance.

She wrote: “I’m Done officially, God help me.”

However, in an interview with popular media personality, Daddy Freeze, Alexer claimed that Harrysong had always told her he never loved her but married her out of pity.

She said the cheating of the ‘Reggae Blues’ hitmaker was becoming too much and had undergone countless treatments for infection.

According to her, Harrysong wanted a male child, which always caused friction between them.

She said, “It all started when I gave birth to my second child and she became a girl. Before that, he has already been saying he wants a boy. Secondly was the cheating part that was becoming too much. Everybody will be like he is a celebrity you know before you enter. That one will not be a problem. Which is understandable. A man that cheats will come back home.

“Not the one that you will now go out to do it and bring it to my face. If I talk I will still end up being the one begging, because I want to keep the marriage. I have complained to all my family members. It has been going on and on. When he gets up and is so angry he will slap me. The amount of infections I have treated as the cause of this whole thing is too much.

“I am currently pregnant. I gave him space for one year before I conceived. He said we should keep it because he was looking for a boy. He threw me to the wall with this pregnancy. The doctor was like my breath is seizing.

Anytime I talk he would say he did not marry me out of love. It is out of pity. That I should take anything that he gives to me.”

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