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Hear What Nollywood Producer, Biodun Stephen Has To Say About Her Movie ‘Glimpse’


Hear What Nollywood Producer, Biodun Stephen Has To Say About Her Movie ‘Glimpse’

Nollywood producer and director Biodun Stephen has revealed that her movie “Glimpse” was a true-life story, stressing that it was her own experience.

She disclosed this in a recent chat with popular media personality Chude Jideonwo.

She said she and her husband struggled to pay their house rent in the early years of their marriage, and she had confrontations with a lot of temptations.

According to Stephen: “Glimpse’ is a true life story. It was part of our own story. In our early years of marriage, we had this landlord from hell. In fact, it was the landlord’s girlfriend that was the one from hell. She would burst into the room and say, ‘Mummy Victoria, your rent is due.’

“We [my husband and I] didn’t see where the money was coming from. There were so many choices. And I remember that conversation I had with someone who asked that I see him before helping us. At the time, my salary was N40,000, and my husband was earning N25,000 [monthly] in a law firm. Altogether, it was N65,000, and we had a kid whose school fee was N80,000.

So, it was a lot of temptation. It was tough.

“I remember when I went in for that meeting with that man [millionaire], he said, ‘No problem, I will give you the money tomorrow.’ And I said, ‘Okay, I will come for it tomorrow.’ And then he called me [on phone] and said, ‘I’m at this hotel, come and meet me.’ I was married with a three-year-old kid, and he wants me to meet him at a hotel because I have rent to pay. I told my husband that the man said I should come to a hotel to meet him. He said, ‘Let me drive you there.’ So, we walked into the hotel together, and the man said, ‘Ah ah! You came with your husband?’ I said, ‘Yes, he brought me.’ And the man said he forgot his chequebook. We drove back home crying. We had just  three days until when the landlord’s girlfriend said she was coming.”

She further stated that her boss later paid the rent for them.

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