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“I Will Remarry In September” – Mercy Aigbe’s Estranged Husband

“I Will Remarry In September” – Mercy Aigbe’s Estranged Husband

For every single person, there’s always a cause that’s worth fighting for, whether physically or emotionally. Both positive and negative changes can happen through fighting, but one must decide if their own fight is worth the battle. Lanre Gentry, the estranged husband of popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has stated that he has no issues with the delectable actress.

The pair who have a son together, engaged in a war of words on Father’s Day as they fought dirty on social media.

In an exclusive interview with The Punch, Gentry noted that he has no problem with the actress. He further gave an insight into what caused their war of words on social media.

“I do not have any problem with Mercy and I am not fighting with her. She is the one that is fighting; I deserve to wish myself a happy Father’s Day whenever it is celebrated. Woli Agba made a funny skit which I liked; I reposted it on my page and wished myself a Happy Father’s Day. The next thing was that she insinuated that the message I posted was directed at her. I told her the post was not directed to her. That was it. I do not have a problem with her neither am I fighting with her. I am a man so I do not believe in gossiping or backbiting; it is mostly women that do that. I do not need to join issues with Mercy.”

Gentry told The Punch that apart from having a child with the actress, he has no relationship with Mercy Aigbe. He was quick to note that contrary to the fact that the actress wants to portray him as a ‘deadbeat father’, he provides for their son.

The estranged husband of the actress further revealed that he will soon tie the knot with another woman.

He said, “I do not have a relationship with Mercy and by the grace of God I will re-marry in September this year. I have my fiancée that I am going to marry. So you see that I do not have any issues with her. When it comes to Mercy and me, we are already divorced. She dragged me to five different courts for a divorce and she has got it. I do not have anything to do with her again.

“I pay my son’s school fees. When Michelle was with me, I was the one paying her school fees. She told me that she has been upgraded so she removed our son from the school we both enrolled him and I pay N380,000. She went to enroll the kid in a school that pays N980,000. I told her I could not afford it because I am not a drug trafficker neither am I an armed robber. I pay the amount that I can afford. When she brought her daughter to my house, I was the one taking care of the child as a father so when she takes Juwon to another man’s house, the man should take up the responsibility of a father. Later in life, the boy will know his real father’s house.”


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