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Isaac, The Son Of Bishop Oyedepo, Dispels Myths About Abandoning Living Faith


Isaac, The Son Of Bishop Oyedepo, Dispels Myths About Abandoning Living Faith

Isaac Oyedepo, the well-known son of Bishop David Oyedepo, the man who started Living Faith Church, has addressed rumors that he left Winners Chapel to launch his own ministry.

According to Isaac Oyedepo, he is a steward and a member of Living Faith Church.

Speaking on Leke Adeboye’s “Confession Box” podcast, Isaac stated that he is presently completing the “assignment God gave him.”

He said: “I am still in Winners, I’m still in Living Faith, I’m still a member and a steward because of the assignment that God has given to us. I think we just overcomplicate very simple things.

“Before I came in full-time to being a pastor, I was a member and what I see is that it was a transition. Nothing really changed but the challenge is seeing me on the altar ministering as a pastor.

“I am currently planted in a church in Abuja but then, I now have the liberty to pursue what God has asked and called me to do which I can’t do being a full-time pastor.”

When you become a channel through which God works there are no more limitations, because God does the work through you. May the anointing oil on your head never run dry in Jesus name.

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

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