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Kate Henshaw Takes A Bite At People Age-shaming Her

Kate Henshaw Takes A Bite At People Age-shaming Her

Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter to slam people who have been age-shaming her.

According to Henshaw, such people come at her with phrases like “yeyebrity and old age”.

She also stated that these trolls are heaping curses on their head while she is owning her age without fear or favour.

Kate Henshaw who turned 50 a couple of days ago wrote;

“Any time you see my tweet that does not agree with your brain alignment, you come with the phrases like ‘yeyebrity and old age’…

Can you please be original with the abuse at least? Insipid lot!!”

Seems you don’t know that your words have no effect on me…

You dey heap curses on your head if you talk say you no go ever old…

see me owning my age without fear or favour…. I dare you or your better half do same….”

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