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Kathy Griffin Emotionally Addresses The Hate Over Her Curly Hair!

Kathy Griffin Emotionally Addresses The Hate Over Her Curly Hair!

Comedian Kathy took to her IG account to respond to hateful comments about her curly hair! That being said, she asked haters to just accept her the way she is, insisting that it is just how her hair naturally grows out!

This comes after Kathy Griffin got some harsh criticism over her curly red hair on social media.

Just like everyone else out there, Kathy just wants to be accepted by people regardless of her hairstyle!

So, she addressed the topic, posting a clip in which she said: ‘Alright, I’m making this video because I’ve been getting some social media hate because of my curly hair. A lot of, ‘Girl, you’ve got to get rid of that hair.’ A lot of, ‘Girl, we don’t like your hair like that.’ Well, this is just how my hair grows out of my head. It always has and it always will. I’m a … curly-haired, red-headed lady. I am not saying my days of blowouts are over. I am just asking you to just accept me for my curly haired self.’

In the caption of the clip, she wrote: ‘This is how it grows out of my head!’

As you can imagine, not too long after sharing this post, Kathy got a lot of support and compliments as well, followers gushing over her beautiful hair.

Here are some of the sweetest words she got under the post: ‘It’s beautiful! Who’s saying it’s not for heavens sake?!’ / ‘I actually love the natural curls. Looks so healthy. Looking like everyone else is overrated. ❤️’ / ‘You’re rockin’ that curly red hair!!!!!!!!!!!’

Of course, Kathy Griffin has rocked straight hair before as well but it sounds like, these days, she is a fan of her natural looks even though some might have been unnecessarily mean about it.

Never let anyone dull your curls. Love is in the hair.

Source: Celebrity Insider

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