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Logan Paul Survives Eight-round Fight Against Floyd Mayweather With No Knockout In Their Exhibition Boxing Match

Logan Paul Survives Eight-round Fight Against Floyd Mayweather With No Knockout In Their Exhibition Boxing Match

Who would have ever thought that a YouTuber would survive heavy punches from Floyd Mayweather?!

YouTuber; Logan Paul managed to survive all eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather in a special exhibition bout at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., on Sunday night with no knock-out.

It’s an exhibition bout so no official winner was announced but a knockout was allowed.

Mayweather who retired from boxing in 2017 after defeating MMA superstar Conor McGregor, vowed then to compete only in exhibition bouts moving forward. His fight with Paul was considered a joke by many but the stadium was full of fans while Showtime’s servers couldn’t handle the pay-per-view demand and crashed throughout the night, much to the dismay of potential viewers.
“I had fun,” Mayweather said. “You’ve got to realize I’m not 21 anymore. I had fun moving around with these guys. He was better than I thought he was. This was fun.”

After the fight Mayweather, 44, played down his failure to stop Paul and admitted that he may never fight again after failing to defeat the Youtuber.

Mayweather said: ‘I wanted to give people a show and he was fighting to survive, he was the bigger guy but his background was wrestling so was good at tying me up.

‘Just going the distance was a win for him. He can grapple and was good at holding. When a guy that size is holding you, it’s hard to get him off you. I had fun, he did too. It was cool.

‘guy that’s retired, training a few days a week, for me to be retired, be a grandfather and fight a guy in his 20’s. When the money comes, we will see who the winner is.

‘I am going into the Hall of Fame, I have nothing to prove. If they are happy with grappling and holding for eight rounds, that’s good for them. I hope the fans were pleased. I have been in this sport for so long, I was letting people see I can come out at the age of 44 and bring 30,000 to the stadium and bring good pay-per-view numbers.

‘I am not going to perform like I was 19, it’s all about growth and aging. I can’t fight like when I fought people like Gatti and people like that. It’s sad Pacquiao is coming out to fight again.

‘I could have pressed really hard but it was fun. His whole goal was to survive and that was a win for him. If he’s happy, so be it. In the history books I will always be the greatest.”

Will I make a comeback? Absolutely not. I have retired from the sport of boxing. I probably won’t do an exhibition again either. If he would have fought more, it wouldn’t have lasted eight rounds. I am just blessed to build a legacy and build a fortune from it. I have made some smart investments and everything is paid for. We did what we had to do tonight.

It was a major victory for the 26-year-old Paul; as reportedly walked away with a $26milliom (£14m) paycheque. Mayweather’s is said to be worth in the region of $100m (£70) when all the pay-per-view numbers are accounted for, according to Mail Online.

“I want anyone to tell me anything is impossible ever again,” Paul said. “The fact I’m in here with the GOAT means the odds can be beaten. Everyone can beat the odds and do great things. Floyd Mayweather, it was an honor.”

Wow! Congrats Paul….

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