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Abu Dhabi Set To Extract Water From Air In World’s First Solar, Thermal Project

Abu Dhabi Set To Extract Water From Air In World’s First Solar, Thermal Project

The world will soon witness the launch of the world’s first commercial water production project continuously in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

According to a joint press release issued on Sunday, the innovative pilot project which will be using renewable energy sources, making it a carbon-neutral project will be run by US-based water technologies company, AQUOVUM, in partnership with Masdar and Khalifa University of Science and Technology, as part of a three-party research and development agreement.

The project will focus on testing and evaluating the performance of a technology for producing water from air, developed by Acufoam, when it is applied on a large scale and based on renewable energy, as well as exploring the possibility of employing it in current or future sustainable water projects.

The technology of extracting water from the air depends on renewable energy, and this project constitutes an important addition to the promising sustainable and innovative projects being held in Masdar City.

This zero-carbon technology will help save water, which is a basic need in order to build a green future, as well as its contribution to supporting the achievement of the sixth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for ensuring the provision and sustainable management of water and the provision of hygiene services for all. .

The technology to produce water from the air will also contribute to supporting a market that is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of more than 25% worldwide, and more than 30% in the Middle East and Africa, which are characterized by climates considered among the hottest in the world and where the need for water is increasing. Water, according to a report by “Gobal Market Insights”.

Abdullah Balala, Executive Director of the Sustainable Urban Development Department at Masdar, stressed that saving water is a basic necessity to ensure health and safety of people and the environment, as well as for food and energy production, stressing the importance of developing technologies that contribute to securing safe water sources.

He said: “The Aquivom pilot project will be established within the Masdar Institute Solar Energy Platform of Khalifa University, located in Masdar City, and the operation will be completely carbon-free as it will rely on fully renewable energy. We are pleased to partner with Aquivom. And Khalifa University to launch this project, the first of its kind in the world, within Masdar City, the region’s leading destination in the field of technological innovation, research and development.

He added: “This project will contribute to enhancing water security at the regional and global levels, in line with the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, and as Masdar City is the only approved research and development complex in Abu Dhabi, we are committed to providing what is necessary to support research and development projects aimed at innovating new technologies.” A quality that contributes to building a more sustainable future for all.”

Masdar City currently has more than 900 companies focused on developing innovative technologies in key sectors such as renewable energy, energy storage, artificial intelligence, health, aerospace and mobility.

Robert Wood, Chief Technology Officer of Acuvum, said: “Supporting and advancing the world’s green transition and ensuring water security all require a shift towards full reliance on renewable energy to power our systems, in order to provide sustainable water sources. We are developing advanced technologies that take into account the environment and strive to find sustainable solutions that are sustainable.”

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While Nicolas Calve, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University and Founder and Chair of the Masdar Institute Solar Platform, and Principal Investigator on the project, said: “Our previous focus was on CSP and thermal energy storage, but we are moving towards diversifying our R&D activities within the platform. Masdar Institute for Solar Energy to include a focus on clean water production.

Solar energy and water should be the main focus of research and development activities in the UAE. This project will run for 12 months and will provide critical performance data covering the entire annual weather cycle.

Dawn Lewis, CEO of AcuFom USA, stressed that this project “serves as the starting point for the commercial market for water extraction systems, in which AcuFom will play a leading role.”

What a fantastic innovation!

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