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Miami Condo Collapse: Search For Bodies Of Survivors Continues

Miami Condo Collapse: Search For Bodies Of Survivors Continues

It’s day 2 after the 12-story condominium that collapsed in Miami while many residents were asleep. The rescue teams continue their search to find any of the 159 people who were in the building before its collapse.

Video captured by a security camera showed an entire side of the building suddenly folding in two sections, one after the other, at about 1:30 a.m. The building had more than 130 units, about 80 of which were occupied, officials said. Roughly half appear to have collapsed with one floor of the high-rise stacked atop another like pancakes.

The Miami condominium was a true reflection of Miami’s international mix as people from all over the world were said to have resided in the collapsed building. This unfortunate incident has suddenly become a symbol of international tragedy, as families from around the world hoped for news of loved ones in a terrified state of mind. Many pray for a miracle.

Meanwhile, search-and-rescue teams are still working around the clock through an unstable mountain of debris looking for signs of life from any of the 159 people still unaccounted for.

So far, only four dead bodies have been found.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue chief; Andy Alvarez who spoke via CNN to family and friends of victims trapped in the building encourage them to stay calm that his team once pulled a girl out of earthquake debris in Haiti eight days into the rescue effort.

“You gotta have hope. We’re doing everything we can to bring your family member out alive”, he said.

The Orthodox synagogue in the area has a large number of people who are missing from the collapsed building. The town is home to a large Jewish community, where the families often crowd the sidewalks before sunset as they walk to services for the Sabbath.

The cause of the collapse remained a mystery.

It’s a tough week for so many people who have someone involved in this sad incident. We commend the rescue team’s effort in all of this and we hope some people are found alive.

Kindly wait for more updates.

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