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Mohbad Has Never Questioned The Paternity Of Our Son When He Was Alive – Wunmi


Mohbad Has Never Questioned The Paternity Of Our Son When He Was Alive – Wunmi

Wunmi, the widow of late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad, has clarified that her husband never questioned the paternity of their son when he was alive.

You will recall that there have been calls by the father of the deceased, Joseph Aloba, and some concerned Nigerians for a DNA test to be conducted on Mohbad’s son, Liam, to ascertain his true paternity.

Wunmi had previously said she was open for a DNA test on her son, demanding that it should be conducted both in Nigeria and abroad.

However, in a recent series of Instagram posts, Mohbad’s widow claimed that those insisting on a DNA test on Liam were simply attacking the late singer’s son by labelling him as “illegitimate”.

She said the clamour for a DNA test on their son moved her to tears and caused her pain.

Wunmi wrote, “The DNA issue is one that has brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart, and my legal team has advised me not to dignify anyone with a response. However, I feel compelled to address the misconceptions arising from my silence.

“Let me clarify, there has never been any doubt or discussion about Liam’s paternity until my husband’s demise. It is disheartening to hear false narratives circulating on social media. My husband never for once questioned the paternity of our Sonshine during his lifetime, neither did my father-in-law or his families.

“The first time I heard about his doubt was on social media. He never spoke to me personally about the DNA till this very day. My father-in-law’s legal team reached out to my legal team, who then gave him the terms and conditions in which the DNA will be conducted.”

The pain of a wife is not just about the loss of her husband but it’s about the dreams, hopes, and future that are also lost.

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