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Motherhood: Prayer: The Foundation Of Parenting 1

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Motherhood: Prayer: The Foundation Of Parenting 1

Hello Great Mothers!

Parenting involves encouraging children’s health and safety, preparing them for maturity, and guiding them toward a saving trust in Jesus Christ. Parenting is a vital call from God. He has trusted us with these children to nurture them for His Kingdom.

Parenting is challenging in this age of social media and numerous competing moral ideologies.

For successful parenting, we all require God’s assistance through the work of the Holy Spirit. We are always with our kids because of the nature of our motherly duties. Even if we may have given them good training, they still go out and interact with kids from other backgrounds and moral convictions. Additionally, social media provides them with easy access to a variety of information (morally good or bad).

The truth is we need God to give us the grace and wisdom to raise our children well and to discipline and reprimand them appropriately. Even when the book of Proverbs instructs us to discipline our children while they are still young, the same Holy book advises us not to provoke them into anger. How do we balance this? We need the help of God.

Also, our kids need God to give them the grace and wisdom they need to make the right decisions in life. He is the only one who can help us bring out the best in them since He created them and they are His.

How can we seek God’s help in training our children? We can seek God’s help through prayer. Prayer connects us to God.

Making prayer the foundation of our parenting is relying on God to show us the best ways to raise our kids so that they can develop into the individuals that He intended them to be.

How can we make prayer the foundation of our parenting? This will be discussed in my next article.

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