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My Parents Abandoned Me When I Was A Child – Veteran Actor, Charles Inojie


My Parents Abandoned Me When I Was A Child – Veteran Actor, Charles Inojie

Nollywood veteran, Charles Inojie, actor, has gone down memory lane, recounting how his mother abandoned him as a baby.

The seasoned actor said he was raised by his grandmother and as his parents split when he was a toddler and only lived with his father for eight months.

He talked about the hardships of his upbringing during a recently broadcast interview with famous journalist, Chude Jideonwo.

Inojie said his father remarried and consequently evicted him from the house when his new wife asked him to choose between his son and her.

The actor further revealed that when he gained admission to the university at 20, his stepmother influenced his father not to support him financially until her child was ready for university.

Years later, he reconnected with his mother, but due to the existing emotional strain, there wasn’t a strong emotional connection between them.

He said; ”When I wanted to go to the University, I became back to the house to tell him I have gotten admission. The woman began to laugh, faced my Dad and told him ‘If this one has to go the University, he will wait for my own child to grow so they will go together’, that is a child I an older than with 18 to 20 years.

Speaking on a reunion with his dad, he said, “I met him and we sat for close to thirty minutes, nobody talked. I was crying, he was crying. I said ‘I have to start going but that I am now out of school. My first work, they said Papa must pray for his child’.

“I bought a drink and put N5000 in an envelop and asked that he prays for me and he said he wasn’t going to touch it and that his conscience will not let him having not contributed a dime”.

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