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New Video: Eben Feat. Tope Alabi – Nothing Is Impossible

New Video: Eben Feat. Tope Alabi – Nothing Is Impossible

Sensational gospel singer, Eben comes through with this powerful video of his song “Nothing Is Impossible” featuring Tope Alabi.

It’s a melodious worship tune that describes the kind of God we have were nothing is impossible with Him.

He’s the alpha and omega and has shown us how marvelous He is in various situations where it seemed humanly impossible.

This song is new and strengthens Eben’s growing discography for the year after dropping some amazing pieces earlier.

The signature Yoruba lingua input from revered gospel indigenous singer, Tope Alabi resonates at a later part of the tune and it’s as lovable as it can be.

There’s nothing truly impossible with God and that fact echoes all around this tune.

Nothing is impossible with God, for it is all upon his will that determines whether or not a single leaf is going to move.

Too often, we become too quick in judging things that we fear the hardships. We see the hurdles and thus, make our own assumptions that it is next to impossible for us to overcome them.

Nothing is impossible with God, and it is important to understand that we can never help things work out in our own way.

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We might have chalked out our own plans, but that does not necessarily mean that things are going to happen according to our own will.

Watch and enjoy Eben – Nothing Impossible ft Tope Alabi video below.


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