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Nigerian Rapper; Illbliss, Shares A Strong Testimony As He Celebrates His Second Daughter First Birthday

Nigerian Rapper; Illbliss, Shares A Strong Testimony As He Celebrates His Second Daughter First Birthday

Kids deserve to be treated in a special manner not only on their birthdays but generally too. This is because kids are innocent souls and they deserve to be happy. Rapper, Illbliss, was in a celebratory mood yesterday June 18, as his second daughter, KachimSideh, celebrated her first birthday.

Illbliss in a post shared on his IG page this evening recounted how his wife’s water broke prematurely with KachimSideh and how the doctors advised him and his wife to terminate her pregnancy, A second opinion saw them keeping her pregnancy until their baby was born on June 18, 2020.

The excited father wrote;

”My darling daughter KachimSideh, On May 29th, mummy’s water broke prematurely at 6 months and the hospital advised us to terminate. They advised that it was medically impossible to save a baby at 23 weeks and mummy had lost all her amniotic fluid from a rupture on her sack.

We didn’t stop fighting. You never stopped kicking. We decided to seek a second opinion from @reddingtonlagos and on June 18th, 2020, you came into our lives, weighing 975 grams, under 1kg.

You spent months in the NICU incubators, And God never left your side for a second. Side Nwa! You fought so hard to be alive and today. We celebrate your First Birthday. We are so proud to be your parents. We are so blessed to be here with you.

The joy you bring to our lives can never be described with words. You are a very Special Child, and our God Almighty will continue to bless and protect you.

You will grow into greatness.

We are raising you absolutely in God’s image.

Happy Birthday my child.”

May every birthday joy be yours Fortune, Health and Wealth, we wish you everything that’s good. And may your LUCKYSTAR above Shine brightly down to bless all your cherished dreams today and crown them with success.

Happy birthday little damsel!



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