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Nigerian Teenage Lovers Celebrate Their Relationship Anniversary On Facebook (See Post)


Nigerian Teenage Lovers Celebrate Their Relationship Anniversary On Facebook (See Post)

A Nigerian young girl has celebrated her relationship anniversary with her teenage boyfriend in a post on her Facebook page.

Purity Love professed her love for her boyfriend, whom she complimented for his efforts and sacrifices he makes to maintain their relationship.

The young lady also asked the public to congratulate them as it is not easy, stating that they have never had a disagreement in their relationship.

She wrote: “Can’t express how I feel about it but he has gone all through my stress, times when I don’t have, he sacrifices for me, he thought me how to do it, he guides me, I can’t describe how I feel being with you, you helped me, guide me, support me, lead me, save me, I don’t know how to describe it, but what I will say is thank God I found you.

“Happy anniversary to us, please guys congratulate us, it’s not easy, no fight, no quarrel, nothing nothing, can’t love you less my rest of mind.”

See the Facebook post below…

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