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Nigerians Celebrate As Laycon Performs For Grammy

Nigerians Celebrate As Laycon Performs For Grammy

BBNaija winner, Olamilekan Agbeleshe also known as Laycon is already going places as the popularly reality TV star performed for the Grammy recording academy on Friday.

Laycon, as he is fondly called thrilled fans in the latest episode of ‘Press play at home’ as he performed “All over me”.

Laycon is trending right now for the obvious reasons. His performance seems to have shut the mouth of those who opined that he is not a good singer and his win from BBNaija was out of pity.Grammys on its website describing Laycon wrote: “He comes from a line of young Afrobeat singers keeping the genre on the lips of many, saying, “For a fresh example of this, meet Laycon, a Nigerian Afrobeats/Afrorap artist who makes performing this music seem as natural as breathing.”His performance has gained him more recognition and applause from fans all over the world.

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Not to forget the outfit he wore for his Grammy Performance which has left fans gushing.

Laycon is a Rapper, a singer & a song writer, he just released an Album “Shall We Begin” you guys should check it out on all platforms.

The joy on laycon’s face every time he sings is priceless.
Check out the video below.


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