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NYSC Releases Guides For Newly Admitted Prospective Corps Members

NYSC Releases Guides For Newly Admitted Prospective Corps Members

The National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC ) has outlined some guides for the newly deployed Batch B stream one prospective corps members.

The NYSC said that the newly deployed Prospective corp members should use their website to print out their call-up letter.

It was also included on the NYSC Facebook page in a post, advising for PCMs who had recently joined the NYSC to do the following:

1. Report on your scheduled camp reporting date.

2. Do not travel to the orientation camps at night. Break your journey when necessary.

3. You must register for the COVID-19 test using the link in your dashboard once deployed.

4. After documentation in the camp, your date of birth cannot be changed. Apply for DOB correction before the commencement of the orientation camp.

5. After documentation in the camp your date of graduation cannot be changed.

6. After documentation in the camp, your Course of Study cannot be changed.

7. Make sure your date of graduation and course of study are correct before reporting to the camp. Do not report to the camp if there is any discrepancy with the date of graduation on your statement of result and your call-up letter. If you have any issues, return to your Institution to sort it out.

8. After documentation in the camp, passport photographs cannot be changed.

9. If you are deployed and refuse to report to the orientation camp, you will not be automatically revalidated to the next stream.

10. You can apply for correction of wrong gender and title in the camp.

11. You can also apply online for corrections to your class of degree, qualification and course of study. Your Student Affairs Officer will treat it.

12. If there is disparity in the name on the statement of result and that on the call-up letter, apply for name Addition and removal on your dashboard. Your SAO will process online by uploading backing documents.


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