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Olympic 2020: Former Boxing Champion, Peter Oboh Reacts To Disqualification Of Nigerian Athletes

Olympic 2020: Former Boxing Champion, Peter Oboh Reacts To Disqualification Of Nigerian Athletes

Light heavyweight boxing ex-champion Peter Oboh said it was terrible and distressing that more than 10 Nigerian sportsmen had been disqualified from competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Although Oboh chastised the Sports Ministry and its personnel for failing to conduct the minimum number of out-of-competition tests required, he warned of the terrible repercussions of doping.

Remember that more than 10 Nigerian athletes were disqualified from competing at the Tokyo Olympic Games due to various reasons as failure to carry out tests, the outcome of some tests, and the violation of competition regulations.

Oboh, a former boxing champion who later became a preacher, expressed his disappointment by saying: “It is extremely regrettable that ten Nigerian athletes were excluded from the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to preventable circumstances.”

“As the magnitude of the calamity began to fade away, another major blow arrived as Blessing Okagbare was suspended following a positive doping test, thereby ending her participation in the Tokyo Games.

Nigerians and athletes are devastated, as many of them invested their own money to compete, while others chose to represent Nigeria over other countries that were interested in them. Our sports administrators must improve their performance.

Nevertheless, athletes owe it to themselves to be aware of the rules and to make certain that they are followed by the letter. They should even try to educate incompetent members of the government.

“These restrictions apply not just to the games, but also the health of the athletes participating in them. If we talk about steroids in sports, we must remember that it is really easy to get them into the system, particularly at the top levels.

“As a result, it is critical to monitor what an athlete consumes and drinks at all times. It is only after test results reveal such shocking information that people begin to yell “thief.”

When asked if there are any negative consequences to drug usage in sports, the clergyman responded, “An athlete can end up with major health concerns by the end of their lifetime or when they have retired, particularly organ damage.”

“It would be pointless for athletes to obtain the entire world while failing to live long enough in good condition to enjoy it.”

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