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One day at a time

One day at a time

Our Lord warned against worrying about the future because we have no control over it (Matthew 6:34).

Every day has its own responsibilities, needs, trials, and temptations, but God always gives us enough strength for each day. We should never add the worries of tomorrow to the ones of today, else our strength won’t be enough to handle both. God won’t give us strength for tomorrow for as long as the day is still called ‘today’. ‘One day at a time’ is the way of faith. We weary our souls and forfeit our peace when we pile up issues more than is sufficient for one day.

Like each bead is on a string of beads, each day should be counted and kept distinct from the others as we move through this entire week. Do your duty today, resist today’s temptations, and avoid allowing yourself to be frightened or side-tracked by things you can’t see or wouldn’t understand even if you could. The emphasis always should be on ‘today’, for tomorrow will bring its own strength with it. As long as you live, so strong will you be; one day at a time.

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