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Pelumi Nubi On Why She Drove From London To Lagos


Pelumi Nubi On Why She Drove From London To Lagos

Media personality, Pelumi Nubi who drove from London to Lagos has opened up on why she embarked on such a daring adventure.

While speaking in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beat, she stated that she wanted to inspire other women to step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Pelumi noted that she encountered different challenges while on her journey. Recall that she had been involved in an accident at one point in her trip before she finally arrived in Lagos on the 7th of April, 2024.

She said …

“I wanted to inspire more women to step out of their comfort zones and do things that were challenging for them. I wanted to explore the two places I consider home— London and Lagos; as well as tour West African countries, because not much is known about such places. It was important for me to do this and inspire other travellers, that they can step out of their comfort zones too.

The most difficult border to cross was the longest one I stayed at, and that was Liberia. I stayed there for two nights. Other challenges I faced included navigating it all on my own as a woman. I did not have a team, so I had to wear multiple hats and do it all flawlessly. I had to constantly keep people updated on social media, which was also a very important part of the trip, so as to inspire the next generation.”

Speaking on her future plans, the travel enthusiast said traveling is something she enjoys doing and will continue to do.

“I have always been a traveller, and I have been to over 80 countries. It is something I will definitely continue to do, especially as regards the educational service and policy changes in border control. We need to do better to make sure it is freer to travel around Africa,” she said.

Purpose- driven, persistent and a pace setter. In all you have a unique smile. Thank you for showing us that we can do it.

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

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