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PHCN Injustice to Electricity Users

PHCN Injustice to Electricity Users

A friend who lives on the mainland, Lawanson – Surulere precisely, shared their present ordeal in the hands of the current electricity suppliers in Nigeria. The lady said the Power Holdings Company of Nigeria (PHCN), has a habit of sending them outrageous bills every month without actually supplying enough electricity to serve their daily needs, this environment is not currently on the pay-by-usage individual apartment meters.

About 2 months ago, the residents of this environment refused to pay this outrageous bill. The electric company decided to cut off their electric supply, because they refused to pay for power consumption which they did not enjoy.

One day, some of the officials from PHCN came to cut off their electric supply by climbing electric poles in the area. This is an indirect way of forcing the residents to pay for electric supply and also pay an additional reconnection fee.
Some thugs mobilized and beat up the electric company officials.

After the electric company’s officials received this nice and well-deserved beating according to the people of Lawanson, PHCN has refused to supply electricity to the people of this city.

Guys, for over two months, no power supply for the people of this environment. Let’s pause and think about this for a minute. In this area, there are newborn, pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, the elderly, entrepreneurs and yet, these company has shut down electric supply for the people. These people have been running their generators every day, or stay in darkness except for those who have an Inverter or solar supply.

Readers, please share your views with us, is this a justified way of reacting to the incident? How long will this continue to happen?

We are using this medium to reach out to those in authority, to please remember that there are different classes of people in this city and they were not involved in this incident.

Power Holdings, Inc. kindly restore the Power supply to this city because there are more innocent residents suffering from this than guilty ones.

Thank you.

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